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Man honoured for dog sett rescue
Mr Vincent and Chloe
John Vincent was awarded the bronze animal life-saving medal
A man who dug a dog out of hole in Cornwall with his bare hands has been honoured by the RSPCA.

Tony Vincent, 70, was alerted to the plight of the spaniel, trapped 8ft (2.4m) down in a badger sett, by the owners of seven-year-old Chloe.

Mr Vincent put aside his fear of enclosed spaces to start digging to reach the dog stuck underground at Glen Silva Farm at Liskeard last December.

Mr Vincent was give the animal charity's Bronze medal.

Mr Vincent had been at the home of Chloe's owners, John and Jill Chapman, when their daughter, Tessa, arrived in distress with the news that Chloe had been stuck underground for three hours.

He returned to his house to pick up lights and tools before arriving at the sett.

Mr Vincent was able to rescue Chloe with other neighbours who helped with the digging, in the dark, wet conditions, using picks and shovels.

Just under an hour later the spaniel was retrieved muddy but unharmed.

John Chapman said: "We are so grateful to Tony. Without him it is likely that Chloe might not be with us today."

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