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Low carbon 'pawprint' for Dizzy
Dizzy the dog. Picture: Newquay Voice
Dizzy the eco-friendly recycler. Picture: Newquay Voice
Dizzy the dog is doing her bit to help save the planet by recycling the rubbish in her owner's home.

Beer cans, plastic bottles, cardboard and envelopes are carried to the family's recycling shed in the garden.

Dizzy, the two-year-old mongrel, even collects plastic bottles on the beach near her home in Newquay, Cornwall, and takes them to the nearest bin.

"You cannot drink a cola or beer from a can because she wants it," owner Emma Trebilcock said.

"When we have barbecues we have got to ask our friends to have their drinks from glasses because she is there waiting for the cans.

"She also carries our recycling bags and even tries to carry bin liners, but they are a bit too large for her, so she ends up dragging them behind her.

"Sometimes we have to check our recycling bins to make sure she has not taken unopened mail out," said 23-year-old Ms Trebilcock.

Dizzy the dog with owner Emma Trebilcock. Picture: Newquay Voice
Dizzy the dog seems determined to save the planet
Dutiful Dizzy has also become something of a "domestic dogess" by helping out with the family wash and carrying socks in.

Emma's mother, Kim Makin, said: "We have never seen a dog like this. When we tell our friends and neighbours they do not believe it."

The eco-friendly dog with the low carbon pawprint was given a new home and family when she spotted at the St Francis Home for Animals.

A spokeswoman for the charity said it could not take any credit for Dizzy's skill.

"She was still a puppy when the family took her, so it must be down to them," she said.

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