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Last Updated: Friday, 25 January 2008, 15:40 GMT
World War II mines 'are harmless'
Lusty Glaze mine
The mines were found among the rocks and sand
Two World War II mines which were discovered on a Cornish beach are to be left where they are.

Police said the remains of the mines, which have been inspected by bomb disposal experts on Lusty Glaze beach, near Newquay, are harmless.

Coastguards alerted the authorities after the ordnance was found at the north end of the beach on Thursday.

"Inspection has shown the items to be harmless, they will be left in situ," a police spokesman said.

The mines had been buried for years and were uncovered by the shifting sands and tides.

Elliot Walker, spokesman for Lusty Glaze which is privately -owned, said: "They are in a pretty poor state and rusty with holes in them."

World War II mines found on beach
24 Jan 08 |  Cornwall

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