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Cornish coffee on restaurant menu
Tristan Stephenson (l) and apprentice chef Andrew Basso with Eden's coffee cherries
The Eden coffee cherries have been pulped to remove the beans
Coffee beans grown in Cornwall have been harvested to produce what is believed to be one of the first cups of coffee made from beans grown in the UK.

The Arabica beans, grown in the rainforest biome at the Eden Project, will be used at Fifteen Cornwall.

The restaurant aims to source at least 80% of its menu ingredients locally.

"It's amazing to think we can harvest, process and roast coffee grown right here in Cornwall", Fifteen spokesman Tristan Stephenson said.

Mr Stephenson and one of the restaurant's apprentice chefs helped harvest the red "cherry" beans at Eden.

"Picking the cherries containing the coffee beans was an absolute joy - for a short while it really felt like we were up in the hills in Ethiopia," he said.

I'm certainly looking forward to tasting a cup of proper Cornish coffee
Don Murray, Eden curator

"It's certainly a great learning experience for our apprentice chefs who will have the rare opportunity to see the whole process from bush to cup and I hope it will inspire them to see coffee in a whole new light."

The coffee harvest at Eden produced about 2kg of cherries. This should create approximately 300g of dried coffee beans to make around 50 cups of Cornish coffee.

After harvesting, the cherries were pulped to remove the beans and are being slowly dried to reduce the moisture content to between 10-12%.

The beans will then be stored in a cool dry container to prevent further drying ahead of being roasted and ground.

A coffee "cupping" session will be held at the restaurant, when Mr Stephenson and the apprentice chefs will sample the fruits of their labour to decide if the home-grown coffee is good enough, or if blending with other non-Cornish beans will be necessary.

Don Murray, curator of Eden's Rainforest Biome, said: "I'm certainly looking forward to tasting a cup of proper Cornish coffee."

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