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Last Updated: Sunday, 30 December 2007, 14:33 GMT
Work to replace 'wrong' pavement
Repairs will begin in a Cornish town after the wrong type of sand was used as the base for a street's pavement.

Paving slabs in the Moor area of Falmouth were laid in 2001 but have since shifted and become uneven.

About 1,000sq m (1,195sq yd) of the pavement will be lifted in order to rebuild the foundations before the existing slabs are re-laid.

The 160,000 project starts on Wednesday and is expected to be completed by Easter 2008.

The slabs were laid on china clay sand instead of a more standard base.

Markets moved

Cornwall County Council said the china clay sand had seemed a more environmentally-friendly option for the pavements at the time, as the material was locally sourced.

A spokesman said on paper it had looked like the china clay bed would work.

Cornwall County Council is carrying out the works on behalf of Carrick District Council and Falmouth Town Council and all three Councils are liaising closely over the works.

The area in front of the Post Office will be fenced off.

The Farmers' Market will be relocated to the Events Square in Falmouth from 8 January until the Moor reopens.

The Thursday and Saturday Traders' Markets will be relocated to the Prince of Wales Pier starting 10 January.

'Wrong' paving slab base replaced
24 Oct 07 |  Cornwall

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