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Top artists help autism charity
Stella Vine: Diana Blue Hairband
Diana Blue Hairband by Stella Vine is among the contributions
A Cornwall charity has persuaded a host of eminent artists to help realise an ambitious expansion plan.

Spectrum, which runs a school and 23 care homes for autistic youngsters, wants to create an adult education centre in Truro.

News spread by word of mouth after Spectrum launched a local appeal for artists' work.

Damien Hirst drew a doodle of a shark on an old catalogue while Norman Foster contributed architectural plans.

There is also an original painting by Stella Vine and a specially commissioned piece of the Queen by Chris Levine which will be auctioned in Newquay on 3 November.

Actors David Arquette, Courteney Cox and Cher made their own donations after learning about the auction from Matthew Stokes, an LA-based architect and interior designer.

Spectrum, which began as a residential care service for 10 young adults at St Erme near Truro in 1982, now looks after 100 people from around the UK in homes in Cornwall.

Tyler Collins, of Spectrum, said: "We have a model here which is successfully re-integrating into education and the community.

"However, there is a lack of further education resources.

"We are hoping to establish a very similar model here, but for adult education where individuals from Spectrum and around Cornwall can access a vocational and life-long learning centre."

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