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Fishermen catch 'monster' lobster
Poseidon is five times bigger than normal spiny lobsters. Pic: Apex

A giant pink spiny lobster has been found off the Cornish coast.

The 59.5cm (23in) long crustacean, nicknamed Poseidon, is five times larger than normal spiny lobsters and needs two people to pick him up safely.

Fishermen caught the lobster about 200 miles (321km) from Newlyn, along with two smaller spiny lobsters that were later sold at a fish market.

The Blue Reef Aquarium in Newquay is trying to establish if the "monster" is a record-breaking size.

The largest pink spiny lobster reported to have been found in the UK measured 70cm.

David Waines, of the Blue Reef Aquarium where the lobster is now housed, said: "Everyone here believes this is the largest specimen we've ever seen. He's a real monster.

"British records for this particular species are rare and we're still trying to establish whether Poseidon is a record-breaker."

The pink spiny lobster is closely related to the common crawfish but is usually found off the west coast of Africa and in the Mediterranean.

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