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Huge stone 'seed' ready for Eden
The seed's surface is based on a mathematical sequence
A 70-tonne "seed" is ready to be moved to the greenhouse complex at the Eden Project in Cornwall.

The 13ft-high granite sculpture took Devon sculptor Peter Randall-Page four years to create, from commission to completion.

It will now travel to Eden from De Lank Quarry on Bodmin Moor where it was made and on 11 June it will be planted into Eden's new 15m education centre.

The seed will be unveiled on 21 June, the day of the summer solstice.

Mr Randall-Page, from Crockernwell, Devon, said it was his most ambitious project yet.

The sculpture's surface has about 1,800 circular nodes positioned according to the Fibonacci sequence, a theory that links mathematical laws with the shapes and structures in plants.

"The maths is extremely complicated. I think in some ways it is the most complex work I have done," Mr Randall-Page said.

The seed is not representative of any particular species - "it is a pattern you will find everywhere in nature," said the sculptor.

Mr Randall-Page's work is displayed in various museums and art galleries including the British Museum and the Tate. His work can also be seen in Tasmania, Ireland and South Korea.

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