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Town lines 'make road dangerous'
People in a town in Cornwall say they are concerned that yellow lines are making a main road more dangerous.

The lines were painted outside the Post Office on Fore Street in Porthleven because the county council was worried cars were parking too close to a bend.

But shopkeepers and residents say cars speed towards the town centre because drivers think the road is clear.

The county council said the lines had resulted in fewer collisions, but promised it would review the situation.

'Open road'

The lines were introduced in December 2004, but people living and working nearby say the lines have actually made the road more dangerous than before.

Town postmaster Dave Costigan said it was "clearer that they come round faster than they used to".

He said: "When people approach the bend and they see that they've got a clear road, they just come on through as if they were driving on an open road rather than in a congested town."

But the county council insisted there had been fewer accidents on the road around the post office since the lines were introduced.

Council divisional surveyor Mike Peters said: "Most of the accidents we have had there related to parked vehicles, so by removing the parked vehicles and easing the congestion there we've had fewer collisions happening."

The council added that would continue to review how effective the lines were and listen to residents' concerns.

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