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Cricketer tests eco-friendly box
Ben Foster being hit in the face by a cricket ball
Ben Foster is yet to invent a box which protects the face
A Cornish man who has invented what is thought to be the world's first eco-friendly cricket box has been hit in the face while testing the product.

Ben Foster, 23, from the Eden Project, split his eyebrow after being hit by a cricket ball bowled from Charlie Shreck from Nottinghamshire Cricket Club.

He said the bloody end to the test proved the fast bowler could not dent the new biodegradable box.

"The box stood up well- we just need to make an eco-friendly helmet," he said.

Speaking at the product launch at the Eden Project, Mr Foster said: "I am perfectly fine in the box region, it is my head that's sore, and he didn't get me out.

"But it was all good natured, he shook my hand afterwards and I am pretty sure it was an accident."

Cricket box
The box is made from hemp and a plant-based resin

The idea for the box - also known as an abdominal protector - was dreamed up by Mr Foster during the last Ashes series.

Most cricket boxes and abdominal protectors in other sports such as boxing and hockey are made of plastics derived from oil and do not biodegrade at the end of their life.

As a spin-off from the Eden Eco Surfboard, the Eco Cricket Box is made of hemp and a plant-based resin and is completely biodegradable.

It is designed to encourage companies and individuals to go greener.

The box is now being sent to England Captain Andrew Flintoff although there are no plans to put it into production yet.


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