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'Hitler' watercolours up for sale
The pictures were found in an old suitcase

A series of watercolours believed to have been painted by Adolf Hitler are to be sold by a Cornish auction house.

The 21 watercolours and sketches were discovered in a battered suitcase in a Belgian attic, close to where Hitler served during the First World War.

Jefferys Auctioneers said steps were taken to prove their authenticity without success.

The paintings, which are similar to other works by Hitler, are expected to fetch up to 3,000 on 26 September.

A spokesman for the auction house said a number of the works bore the dictator's distinctive signature.

They vary from postcard size to 10ins by 8ins (25cm by 20cm).

The owner, who wishes to remain anonymous, contacted the auctioneer after reading of their sale of a single Hitler watercolour last year.

The auction will take place in Lostwithiel.

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