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Last Updated: Thursday, 8 June 2006, 09:31 GMT 10:31 UK
Shelterbox kits at volcano site
Shelterboxes being packed
The boxes include a tent, sleeping bags, cooking equipment and tools
A Cornish charity is attempting to deliver tents to people who have fled their homes on Indonesia's Mount Merapi after it showed volcanic activity.

Shelterbox volunteers are also in the process of handing out hundreds of the charity's survival kits to victims of last week's earthquake near Yogyakarta.

About 4,300 are believed to have died in the quake and 130,000 made homeless.

At least 15,000 people are reported to have fled from the volcano, heading to nearby towns.

We're working hard to get some boxes to the evacuees, but it could take a while because of the lava
Mark Pearson, Shelterbox volunteer

The volcano has been sending out thick clouds of toxic gas, ash and red hot lava.

The largest gas clouds yet have been emitted from the volcano, which has been showing signs of erupting since early May.

Scientists think it may have been destabilised by the earthquake.

Shelterbox volunteer Mark Pearson telephoned BBC News on Thursday morning to say they were trying to reach some of the villagers who have been told to leave their homes.

He said: "We're working hard to get some boxes to the evacuees, but it could take a while because of the lava."

The Indonesian authorities are increasing emergency preparations in case of a major eruption.

Shelterbox hopes to send 1,000 of its kits this week. Their customised kits include a 10-man tent, sleeping bags, cooking stove and utensils, tool kit, plastic bags and water purification tablets.

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