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Partner sought for sad sea lion
Dipsy was found dead in the pair's pool earlier this month
A Cornish seal sanctuary is looking for a new partner for one of its residents after the death of his long-term mate.

Sea lion Carus and his partner, Dipsy, who died earlier this month, had been together for more than 15 years.

Staff at the sanctuary at Gweek said the pair were inseparable and could often be found snuggled up together on the side of the pool.

The sanctuary's Rachael Vine said staff were trying to keep him company as "he looks like he is missing something".

'Gentle creature'

"He really is pretty lonely at the moment , it's very sad for him to lose his partner after so many years."

She said were also trying to find another mate for him.

"But these things do take time," she said.

Carus (pictured) and Dipsy had been together for 15 years
Dipsy, whose full name was Serendipity, was born in 1981 and came to the sanctuary in 1989 where she and Carus, both Patagonian sea lions, had lived together ever since.

Curator Dr Glenn Boyle said: "She developed a bit of a mischievous streak, and used to sneak up behind members of the animal care team at feeding times and startle them with a sudden bark.

"In all, though, she was a tremendously gentle creature."

She was found dead in the pair's outdoor pool earlier this month and is believed to have died of natural causes.

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