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Signs putting Cornish on the map
Street sign in Cornish and English
The extra words do not cost any more money
The campaign to revive the ancient Cornish language is taking to the county's streets.

One local council has started putting up street signs in both English and Cornish to try to get local people to use their local tongue.

Each time Kerrier District Council replaces a street sign its replacement will be in both languages.

The council believes it is a good way to remind people of Cornwall's strong cultural identity and its language.

'Good news'

The council says that the signs will not cost rate payers any more as they are only being installed when an old one is damaged or vandalised

And the company which makes them, Contract Sign Systems, does not make an extra charge for the extra words.

Cllr Graham Hicks from Kerrier District Council said: "We would like to promote that Cornwall is actually different and this gives people a sense of feeling about the place.

"I think it's good news."

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