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Last Updated: Tuesday, 7 March 2006, 21:32 GMT
Arrested drug users young as 11
A young drug user caught on CCTV
Children aged 13 have been caught supplying drugs
Children as young as 11 are being arrested for using illegal drugs in the South West, new statistics have shown.

Last year's police figures show two 11-year-olds arrested for cannabis possession and three 13-year-olds for supplying cannabis.

Nearly 50 children aged 15 were arrested for cannabis offences and three aged 15 for class A drug supply.

The figures are highest in urban and holiday areas but are consistent with the rest of the country, police said.

Tony Faragher of the Harbour Drug and Alcohol Services in west Devon said: "Although this is one of the problems for a small number of youngsters, the individual problem for each of them maybe severe.

Amphetamine supply

"It maybe intertwined with all other kinds of difficulties to do with school, parents, home, education and their future."

Two 12-year-olds were arrested for cannabis possession.

A total of 24 children, aged 14, were arrested for cannabis offences, one for supplying amphetamines and one for possession of cocaine.

Five children, aged 15, were arrested over the use of class A drugs.

The figures were obtained using the Freedom of Information Act.

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