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Last Updated: Thursday, 2 March 2006, 22:00 GMT
Letter appeal to protect hospital
Campaigners have urged people to write protest letters to Caradon District Council to save a former Victorian hospital from possible demolition.

The North and East Cornwall Primary Care Trust wants to sell the old Liskeard cottage hospital and grounds with planning permission for housing.

Objectors say the Victorian building should remain a memorial to Cornish benefactor John Passmore Edwards.

The health trust spokeswoman said the future of the building was undecided.

Trust spokeswoman Sarah Fisher said the trust had not decided whether it would be demolished if planning permission was obtained for new housing, but the trust was obliged by the Government to get the best possible price for the site.

Campaign spokesman Gordon Strudwick says the former hospital was paid for by John Passmore Edwards and the structure should be preserved.

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