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Last Updated: Monday, 18 July, 2005, 15:37 GMT 16:37 UK
Builder guilty of sex toys theft
Isles of Scilly
Women from the islands had to identify their possessions
A builder from the Isles of Scilly has admitted that he stole women's underwear and sex toys from islanders for 15 years.

Andrew Stephan, 42, formerly of Telegraph Street, St Mary's originally denied 14 charges of burglary, six of theft and one of witness intimidation.

But on Monday he admitted 10 of the charges at Truro Crown Court.

The Crown decided not to pursue the other cases. Stephan will be sentenced next month on 22 August.

He was released on bail until sentencing.

Garden shed

Judge Philip Wassall warned Stephan his fetish could lead to a jail sentence.

He said: "The matter is serious and custody cannot be ruled out.

"The court needs to see a pre-sentence report to know how serious your offending is."

Eleven woman were called to court to identify their underwear and sex toys at Stephan's first trial.

Prosecutor Iain Leadbetter said the Crown had consulted the women in deciding not to pursue other charges of burglary and witness intimidation. He said it would save them having to give evidence again, which they would prefer not to.

The jury at the earlier trial were told that Stephan's estranged wife's boyfriend had found a 160 pairs of knickers hidden in the house when he was attempting to trace hot water pipes in January last year.

More underwear, sex toys and photographs were found over the next few days in the house and under the garden shed.

When word about the finds spread around the island, several women went to the police station to identify their knickers and other items, the court heard.

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