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Last Updated: Friday, 27 January 2006, 09:49 GMT
Woman's six fingers sewn back on
A woman from Cornwall has had a 17-hour operation on her hands to reattach six fingers cut off in a factory accident.

Anne Kellow was rushed to Derriford Hospital in Plymouth after the accident which happened while she was cleaning a machine in Redruth on 12 January.

All four fingers were cut off her left hand, and two fingertips on her right.

Mrs Kellow, 62, said she was determined to regain the use of the reattached fingers. Surgeons said they were pleased with her progress.

The operation was the ultimate test of a surgeon
Shola Adeniran

Mrs Kellow believed she had lost the use of her hands after the fingers were severed as she cleaned machinery at the biscuit plant in Redruth owned by Furniss Foods.

The severed fingers were packed in ice and were taken with her in the ambulance for the procedure to be carried out.

She will now have physiotherapy to make sure she has the full use of her hands in the future.

Mrs Kellow, from Redruth, said: "Right from the start, everyone was fantastic."

The medical team at Derriford Hospital included consultant Shola Adeniran, consultant James McDiarmid, registrar Hischam Taha and senior house officer Dev Mahadevan.

They worked from 0100 until 1800 GMT to complete the reattachment of Mrs Kellow's fingers, known as replantation.

Mr Adeniran said: "The operation was the ultimate test of a surgeon to be able to sew all the fingers back on.

"I am very proud of Mr Taha because he stayed in the operation from beginning to end."

Mr McDiarmid said: "This is a really good example of how medical and nursing teams have to work together when dealing with such an operation."

Furniss Foods said an investigation had begun into the cause of the accident.

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