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Last Updated: Wednesday, 25 January 2006, 17:44 GMT
Cell death punishment 'pathetic'
Jamie Burton
Jamie Burton was found dead in a cell
Two Devon and Cornwall police officers have been disciplined and had their pay docked for neglect of duty after the death of a young man in police cells.

The mother of 23-year-old Jamie Burton, who died in a police cell at Newquay in 2001, called the punishment "pathetic".

Mr Burton was found collapsed in Newquay after taking heroin and was taken to the police station.

But officers thought he was drunk and he was not roused every 30 minutes as per police guidelines.

It's a pittance compared with what my family have lost
Jayne Walters
An inquest in 2003 found his death was due to drug abuse, contributed to by police neglect.

Two officers appeared before a misconduct hearing on Tuesday and were docked 10 and 13 weeks' wages respectively.

Mr Burton's mother, Jayne Walters, said: "It's a pittance compared with what my family have lost. It's pathetic.

"The only consolation is that they have been brought to account.

"The inquest verdict was damning and I don't think they would have been brought to account if we had not fought every day for the last four and a half years."

In a brief statement, Devon and Cornwall Police said the officers pleaded guilty to breaches of force policy and were fined.


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