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Caroline's killer is 'deranged'
Francisco Arce Montes
Montes admitted he was at the hostel were Caroline was attacked
The killer of schoolgirl Caroline Dickinson has been called "deranged" by his own lawyer after not answering questions about her death in court.

Caroline, 13, was on a school trip from Cornwall in 1996 when she was raped and killed in Pleine Fougeres, Brittany.

Francisco Arce Montes says he killed her accidentally, but denies murder.

Lawyer, Patrick Elghozi, said outside a French court afterwards that it was "horrible" for her family, adding: "A human being does not act in this way."

Trial consequences

Montes was told he had to "face up to his responsibilities" on Friday by the court judge during the fourth day of the case being held at St Brieuc.

Earlier in the week, the Spaniard had said that he wanted to tell his story, but on Friday appeared to change his mind.

When asked to answer questions by the judge, Montes sat in the dock crying and shaking. He said: "I can't, I can't. I want to go."

The judge replied: "That isn't the way it works. You made this happen, you can't run away when something doesn't suit you.

"You asked for this trial, now you have to take the consequences.

"I think you owe the truth to the Dickinson family."

Caroline Dickinson
Caroline's family were told they deserved the truth
Montes' own lawyer, Patrick Elghozi, also tried to persuade him to talk.

He said: "These people have come from far away. Their daughter has died, they need to know what happened."

Speaking to reporters outside the court, Mr Elghozi added: "It's horrible for the family, of course it is.

"Would it not have been better for the family to have just been told that that their daughter had been attacked by this predator who should have been locked up ages ago?

"He is deranged. A human being does not act in this way."

Automatic right

The only admission made by Montes on Friday was that he was the person seen by witnesses outside the hostel where Caroline was attacked two days before she died, something he had previously denied.

Caroline was on her first trip away from home with 40 students from Launceston Community College when she was killed.

The former waiter from Gijon in northern Spain was jailed for 30 years last June for the murder and rape of Caroline but appealed against his conviction by asking for a retrial - an automatic right in France. It means the whole trial must be reheard.

Montes, who declined to give evidence at the first trial, earlier told the court that he had attacked Caroline but had not meant to kill her and when he left her room he did not think she was dead.

The case continues.

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