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Last Updated: Friday, 13 January 2006, 13:33 GMT
Making a bad impression frees cat
Picture courtesy of  RSPCA/Rob Skinner
Smirnoff was freed from the chimney on Thursday after five days
A Cornish firefighter has managed to free a kitten stuck up a chimney for five days - by impersonating a dog.

Hours after going to her new home in Penzance kitten Smirnoff got stuck and refused to budge, despite efforts by RSPCA officers and the fire brigade.

Then Charlie Jamieson hit on the idea of making dog noises and Smirnoff came down far enough to be pulled out.

Smirnoff's new owner Jo Barker said: "He sounded more like a monkey, but it seems the bad impression worked."

Acting RSPCA chief inspector Rob Skinner said: "Firefighter Charlie Jamieson's noises might seem rather an unconventional way to free a kitten from a chimney, but the main thing is that the tactic worked and she was totally unharmed.

"After five days without food and water, getting her out was paramount and we are incredibly grateful for the help of Green Watch in this rescue, which was a real team effort."

Smirnoff, whose ordeal finished on Thursday, was not physically harmed by her ordeal and is now slowly starting to settle into her new home.

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