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Tetra mast farmhouse is attacked
Paint on attacked farm
Paint and a knife were thrown at the farmhouse's door
Police are investigating an attack on the home of a Cornish farmer who was due to have a controversial police communications mast on his land.

The farmer's family say they believe they were attacked because they were due to allow a Tetra mast to be built.

A knife was hurled into a door on the farm in Zennor, near St Ives. Red paint was smeared on the it and the words "Tetra tart" daubed on a wall.

The masts have prompted several protests over health risk concerns.

If you don't agree with it, then fight it democratically - don't do this
Jan Sheffield
Jan Sheffield, who runs the farm with her husband, Alan, said: "I can't think that any decent person would do this.

"It's very sick that somehow they feel they were justified.

"We thought we were helping the community to have emergency cover for everybody's protection.

"If you don't agree with it, then fight it democratically. Don't do this, it serves no purpose than to frighten people."

Zennor Parish Council chairman Mike Hindley also condemned the attack.

He said: "I think it's a shocking thing to have happened. These things should not be personalised.

"It's just not acceptable. The council has unanimously minuted its disapproval of any actions outside of the law taken against any person or any property."

Devon and Cornwall Police confirmed they were investigating the incident, which also saw tyres slashed on a tractor.

'Cowardly incident '

Supt John Tucker said: "Our enquiries are ongoing at the moment.

"It is a cowardly and significant incident that has made a person feel at risk and threatened, and we cannot tolerate that."

The masts have prompted protests at several sites in Devon and Cornwall by people concerned about health risks.

Police say the masts are needed to improve the coverage of their radio network and speed up response times.

Communications firm Airwave 02, which operates the new technology, says while it accepts that nothing is totally risk free, it insists that Tetra technology is safe.

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