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Last Updated: Friday, 9 December 2005, 21:54 GMT
Historic site seeking volunteers
Wardens at an historic site in Cornwall are asking for help to conserve the archaeological remains on the landmark.

Volunteers will be involved in work to preserve the industrial past of Kit Hill near Callington, including a tin and copper mine.

Kit Hill has been an important natural feature in south east Cornwall since prehistoric times.

Neolithic people left a long barrow about 5,000 years ago and Bronze Age round barrows were added later.

In the 9th century the battle of Hingston Down was fought on the lower slopes when the combined Cornish and Danish forces fell to the invading Saxons.

In the 18th century an aristocrat from Stoke Climsland built a five-sided folly on the summit, the remains of which can still be seen.

But the volunteers will be working on the sites left after Kit Hill's industrial era .

Rich veins of tin, copper and arsenic were mined for many years and over the weekend wardens will be clearing the area of brambles to preserve the remains for the future.

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