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'Something' found at ghostly jail
PST members at Bodmin Jail
Paranormal investigators spent a night at the jail
A group of ghost hunters has said there is "definitely something" at a Cornwall jail which is believed to be haunted.

Members of the Paranormal Site Investigators (PSI) group spent Saturday night at Bodmin Jail trying to record spooky goings-on.

During the 10 hours at the prison, two team members had to leave the building through nausea and stones were thrown at the team while below ground level.

Team leader Nicky Sewell said: "There's definitely something there."

Ghostly grunt?

The team set several experiments: measuring electro-magnetic frequency of cells, monitoring temperatures and attempting an "electronic voice phenomena" (EVP) recording.

An EVP is an unexplained voice, or voice type sounds, occurring on an audio recording. Some recordings are thought to be the voices of ghosts or spirits.

The team said it recorded an unexplained grunt during the experiment.

Also during the overnight stay, stones were thrown at members of the team while in the condemned cells.

There were no windows for outsiders to throw them in; and the ceiling was metal, meaning they could not have fallen from above.

Bodmin jail
The last hanging at Bodmin Jail took place in 1909
The temperature of the stones was also significantly hotter than the ambient temperature of the cell, or the roof and floor.

The team admitted its evidence from the night was not conclusive in itself.

But team leader Nicky Sewell said: "There's definitely something at Bodmin Jail which was trying to make its presence known to us that night."

Bodmin Jail dates back to 1776 and was the site of more than 55 executions. More than 20,000 people came to watch one public execution carried out there.

The last hanging took place in 1909 and the Crown Jewels and Doomsday Book were stored at the jail during the First World War.

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