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Last Updated: Thursday, 17 March, 2005, 11:54 GMT
Council rejects turbine proposals
Wind turbine
Councillors voted unanimously to reject the proposals
The company behind plans to create a wind farm in Cornwall says it is considering appealing against a decision to reject the scheme.

Councillors decided on Wednesday that the proposed turbines near Lanlivery would be too tall and would affect the lives of people living nearby.

But NPower Renewables says Cornwall has to meet government targets for energy produced by methods like wind power.

But the chair of the local protest group said the decision was right.

'Maximum destruction'

Restormel Borough councillors voted unanimously on Wednesday night to reject the proposals.

Verna Roberts, of The Community of Lanlivery Opposes Wind Turbines, said: "Our main concerns were about the impact on the landscape plus the total destruction of tourism.

"It was maximum destruction for a minimum amount of energy

But NPower, acting on behalf of the applicant, said not everybody in the area was against the proposal at Pen Pell Farm.

Project Manager Simon Holt said: "Let's not forget there are people who support the project in the local area.

"If you look at the planning office's files there are loads of letters of support."

One local resident, Sarah Furniss, said while she was not opposed to renewable energy, but was not happy about the proposed turbines.

"I feel that not only will they have a visual impact but they will have an impact on tourism, on house values and the general day-to-day living of people in the area."

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