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Last Updated: Monday, 10 October 2005, 15:10 GMT 16:10 UK
Armed response 'was not expected'
Philip Prout
Philip Prout's sister said she tried to avoid her "revolting" brother
The sister of a man shot dead by police in Cornwall wanted her brother dealt with in a "Dixon of Dock Green" way, an inquest has been told.

Frances Williams told the court she did not expect an armed response, which she compared with the invasion of Iraq.

Philip Prout, 53, from Lewannick, near Launceston, was killed by a marksman on 3 May 2004 after brandishing a samurai sword at officers, following a siege.

The inquest in Plymouth is expected to last five weeks.

Family tensions

Ms Williams said she wanted the police to send two officers to deal with her brother in an "old fashioned" way and calm him down.

However, she agreed that was naive, having told officers her brother probably had a gun and a machete, which on a previous occasion he had "stroked lovingly, grinning like a maniac".

Mr Prout's sister told the court that although the police had a duty to react, too many officers were sent.

The inquest jury heard there were tensions within the Prout family.

Ms Williams said her brother was "revolting" and she tried to avoid him.

She denied she was motivated by money and had not called the police to try to "get rid" of Philip Prout and "get her hands on" her mother's inheritance.

The inquest had previously heard that martial arts enthusiast Philip Prout was approaching police officers brandishing a samurai sword raised above his head.

He was just yards away when he was shot dead by a police marksman after another marksman's baton gun twice failed to fire.

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