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Last Updated: Saturday, 24 September 2005, 10:29 GMT 11:29 UK
Rare new arrivals at county's zoo
Black-tailed marmosets
The pair are called Porche and Skyline
Staff at a zoo in Cornwall are celebrating after the birth of two rare black-tailed marmosets.

Newquay Zoo says the parents are the only breeding pair in Europe and are part of the European Endangered Animal Breeding Programme (EEP).

The creatures are native to Bolivia, Brazil and Paraguay and are social animals living in small family groups.

Stewart Muir from the zoo said: "It is fascinating watching them play and the babies learning to move around."

"All in the group assist with the carrying and protection of the infants.

"The birth of these two now brings our group to seven," said Mr Muir.

The new arrivals are named Porche and Skyline.

The enclosure at the zoo is a small island surrounded by water with tall trees and a large wooden hut.

Visitors can get within a couple of metres to watch the marmosets jumping and playing on the branches.

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