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Last Updated: Friday, 18 February, 2005, 08:49 GMT
Prince's low-cost housing plans
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Average prices in Devon and Cornwall are more than 200,000
Guidelines on how to provide low-cost housing in the South West are being released by Prince Charles.

The Prince's Affordable Rural Housing Initiative aims to help people set up home in their local community.

More than 160 companies, government departments and charities are involved in the initiative.

The guidelines include advice on how landowners can make land available for affordable housing. They also offer advice on planning permission.

Cornwall was chosen as a housing hot spot to launch the initiative last November.

It is the first scheme of its kind in the country and it is hoped it will help local people remain in their communities and keep their schools, shops, pubs and other services alive.

Average house prices in the region are now said to be more than 200,000 and many people believe high prices are forcing young people to leave Devon and Cornwall.

Prince tours village with Brown
16 Feb 05 |  Dorset


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