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Last Updated: Friday, 31 December, 2004, 10:47 GMT
Quake brothers plea for parents
Louis and Theo Barratt Mullan
Louis and Theo Barratt Mullan: Hospital appeal
Two young Cornish boys in Thailand are pleading for news of their parents, who are missing following the Asia earthquake disaster.

Louis Barratt Mullan, 16, and brother Theo, 12, from Grampound near Truro, have pinned up notes at a Thai hospital appealing for news of their parents.

It is feared that Catherine Mullan, 53, and Leonard Barratt, 49, were swept out to sea near Phuket.

Relatives from Bradford are flying out to collect the boys.

Leonard Barratt and Catherine Mullan
Leonard Barratt and Catherine Mullan: Missing

The boys' note, pinned to a door at Takua Pa hospital, reads: "Louis and Theo Barratt Mullan are safe and all right.

"We are looking for our mother and father. Try to contact us, Mum and Dad. We are with friends we met here."

Their uncle Nick Mullan, 52, from Bradford, said his sister Joy was flying out to Thailand to collect the boys who are staying with a family after the British Embassy stepped in.

He said that the boys, who had been hit by a wave, were not seriously hurt.

The boys' aunt, Phillo Mullan, said she had spoken to the youngsters.

She said: "Louis on the phone sounded amazingly good and I think he's rallying for himself and his younger brother.

"But for them to lose both their parents in such circumstances, well you can't imagine how they feel."

'Lovely woman'

Mrs Mullan works for the Cornwall Enterprise Board and is involved in directing Objective One funding to the county.

Staff said she was a "lovely woman, always bright and brought a sparkle to the office".

Her husband works for social services.

Neighbour Beryl Davies said her heart went out to the boys.

"We feel desperately sorry for them," she said.

"They have had the rug pulled from under their feet and they have only just started their lives."


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