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Last Updated: Thursday, 9 June, 2005, 09:31 GMT 10:31 UK
Pub group following Jamie's lead
St Austell chefs' workshop
Fourteen chefs attended a workshop on healthier food
A Cornish pub company has taken Jamie Oliver's food campaign to heart and is retraining its chefs on how to better cater for its younger clientele.

St Austell Brewery is holding workshops to teach its chefs about replacing processed meals with locally sourced fresh ingredients.

The company owns 158 pubs in Cornwall and Devon.

Paul Drye, of the firm, said: "With a little thought we can produce good food that appeals to children."


The company said the move had been led by more parents taking out their children for meals, and children rejecting traditional meals such as chicken nuggets, fish fingers and deep-fried food.

Mr Drye said: "Unfortunately for many years the choice of a healthy option has not been available on many children's menus in pubs and restaurants and we are determined to lead the way in changing that."

Fourteen of the company's chefs attended the most recent workshop on Tuesday where they were offered advice such as making smaller portions of adult dishes available to children.

Mr Drye said: "Good children's food does not have to mean a lot of extra work in the kitchen."


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