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Actor brings famed hermit to life
Whitsand Bay, Cornwall (PA)
The cave is close to Whitsand Bay
Visitors to a beach in south-east Cornwall this summer will be treated to an unusual performance.

Actor David Shaw will be entertaining beach goers by playing the part of Lugger the hermit, who inhabited a cave at Sharrow Point in the 18th Century.

Shaw will recount Lugger's adventures and recite some of his poetry as part of the National Trust's policy of Lifelong Learning.

Lugger excavated the cave in 1784 and wrote lines of verse on the ceiling.

But, as thou walk'st, should sudden storms arise, Red lightning flash, or thunder shake the skies, To Sharrow's friendly grot in haste retreat, And find safe shelter and a rocky sea
Lugger's verse visible on the cave's ceiling
The cave lies next to a flat terrace, which was once a pilchard processing shed.

Visitors will be able to journey to hear about Lugger's naval adventures and the story of how and why he dug his hermit's cave into the rocks.

Some lines of the verse he wrote are visible although a few have been lost by a roof collapse.

Brian Muelaner, countryside manager for South and East Cornwall said: "The Trust works to find ways to bring history to life and to tell the stories of people from the past.

"Telling the story of Lugger is a great way to let visitors to Whitsand know more about the history of the area."

Performances will take place on Sundays throughout August.

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