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Last Updated: Sunday, 4 July, 2004, 08:40 GMT 09:40 UK
Cornish version of bible unveiled
A translation of the New Testament into Cornish has been completed after seven years' labour.

It is the first time the 27 books have been translated directly from the original Greek.

Cornish speakers from Gloucestershire, London, Birmingham and Cornwall were involved in the 444-page project.

The team is now working on a similar project in an attempt to produce a version in Cornish of the Old Testament.

Biblical Cornish
Oberow an Abesteli: Acts of the Apostles
Dhe Dus Korinth I : 1 Corinthians
Ebrowyon : Hebrews
Yowann: John

Keith Syed has been leading the translation.

He said it has been a "labour of love" as there is a lack of vocabulary in Cornish.

But a lecturer in Cornish studies, Dr Bernard Deacon, believes there are more relevant ways to attract new Cornish speakers.

He said: "There could be an argument that the time might have been better spent translating Harry Potter perhaps.

"Having a bible in Cornish is an interesting feat but whether it will do much for spoken Cornish, one is left in doubt."

Website aims to preserve accents
13 Feb 04  |  Cornwall

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