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Last Updated: Wednesday, 30 June, 2004, 07:25 GMT 08:25 UK
BT increases access to broadband
British Telecom exchange
Work on the remaining 43 exchanges will begin in August
British Telecom has announced plans to supply high-speed internet access to every telephone exchange in Cornwall.

Only 73% of properties in the county can currently access broadband.

Until now, a certain proportion of customers connected to an individual BT exchange had to express an interest in broadband for BT to upgrade its system.

But BT says the last 43 exchanges in the county which are not enabled for broadband will be by next July, giving Cornwall almost 100% coverage.

It is hoped the expansion of broadband connections in the county will secure Cornwall's economic future by offering firms the chance to do business efficiently over the internet.

Work will begin in August.

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