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Last Updated: Sunday, 27 June, 2004, 09:01 GMT 10:01 UK
Buses dropped in shelter fiasco
First Bus
First say the service was uneconomical
For years the elderly residents of Saltash Waterside have been campaigning for a bus shelter to protect them from the elements.

Now, at last, thanks to an initiative by the Cornish town's council, the 2,000 structure has been ordered and paid for.

The only problem is the bus service has been withdrawn.

The shelter is one of nine planned by the town council, but the bus company First says the route is losing money.

The provision of bus shelters is a separate issue which does not involve us

The pavement has already been raised to make it easier for people to step from the shelter into the bus.

The 53 service took people into Plymouth and Derriford Hospital from the Waterside area under the Tamar Bridge.

Residents of Ashtorre Rock Centre for elderly people now face a lengthy climb to catch another bus, or forking out for a taxi.

Saltash Deputy Mayor David Carter, said: "It was planned some time ago to come down here for residents and since then First has cancelled the bus route.

"Residents were asked where they would like the shelters and we made representations to the county council."

On hold

Mr Carter said the bus shelter would be placed somewhere else in the town.

"As soon as we found out about the withdrawal of the service this bus shelter was put on hold."

Pam Court, chairman of the Ashtorre Rock Centre, said: "It's a joke.

"I think we should let the bus shelter go up and put pressure on the bus company as hard as we can to provide a service.

"I think local people and local councils all support us."

First said in a statement: "This service was not subsidised and has been withdrawn because it was proving unviable due to insufficient passengers.

"We have held a meeting with local representatives and we are having another meeting next week to discuss any possibility of reinstating the service.

"The provision of bus shelters is a separate issue which does not involve us."

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