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Parents happy with school trips
Geoff Aver: "Absolute confidence" in school trips
Cornwall's head of education has said parents have not been put off sending their children on school trips in the wake of Caroline Dickinson's murder.

Geoff Aver spoke following the conviction on Monday of Francisco Arces Montes for her murder in 1996.

Caroline was killed in a French hostel while on a school trip with Launceston Community College.

Mr Aver said new measures, such as nightwatchmen, were in place and he had "absolute confidence" in them.

The school staff supervising the trip were not at fault a judge ruled in 1999 after Caroline's mother Sue Dickinson lost a civil claim for damages against Cornwall County Council.

'Greater rigour'

Mr Aver said: "The whole conduct of the trip was tested in law and the school was shown to have conducted the trip with best practice.

"Since then we have refined some of those practices such as nightwatchmen and checking fixtures in the buildings and there is much greater rigour in examining every aspect of trips.

"We have no evidence of any drop-off in demand for outdoor education.

It is not something we will ever forget and we shall always remember Caroline
Headmaster Alan Wroath

"Parents still want these activities to take place and they have confidence in the procedures we have now in place."

He added: "We hope that this week will draw a line under these events and allow the college and the family to move forward while never forgetting the lovely young person that was Caroline."

Caroline's former headmaster Alan Wroath said: "Our feelings at this time are of relief.

"Relief that this man cannot continue his wave of assaults on young women, relief that others may be spared the anguish that he has caused and relief that perhaps now this case will be allowed to move out of the public gaze."

He added: "For all of us that have been involved, it is not something we will ever forget and we shall always remember Caroline."

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