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Last Updated: Saturday, 3 April, 2004, 15:32 GMT 16:32 UK
Policeman sets off on solo kayak
Sean Morley
Sean Morley has completed several record-breaking paddles before
A policeman from Cornwall has set off on his attempt to complete the first solo navigation of the UK and Ireland in a sea kayak.

Sean Morley is planning to complete the 4,200-mile trip within six months.

Mr Morley, who is an officer with the Camborne police traffic department, left from the Cornwall Maritime Museum in Falmouth just before midday.

He was seen off by Royal Navy ship HMS Tracker, a local lifeboat and a dozen fellow kayakers as he headed west.

The first leg of his journey will take him 15 miles from Falmouth Harbour to Kennack Sands.

It is an ambitious project and the weather conditions may make it impossible for me to complete the full route in six months
Sean Morley
Mr Morley, 37, is a former member of the British kayak racing team and has completed several record-breaking paddles, including a 500-mile circumnavigation of Scotland.

He does not have a permanent back-up team, but on the longest section of open sea crossing a support vessel will be standing by.

On his own personal website, Mr Morley said: "I will paddle clockwise around the coastline and I estimate it will take me about six months to complete the journey.

"I will attempt to circumnavigate the whole of the United Kingdom and Ireland, including every inhabited offshore island.

Raise money

"It is an ambitious project and the weather conditions may make it impossible for me to complete the full route in six months.

"If that happens, I will abort the crossings to the offshore islands and concentrate on the main challenge, which is completing the first solo circumnavigation of the mainland of the UK and Ireland."

In 1986, a three-man team of Bill Taylor, Mick Wibrew and Richard Elliott became the first people to complete a similar trip in a time of 155 days, averaging 17 miles a day.

Mr Morley's trip is raising money for the RNLI and the Marine Conservation Society.

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