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Germans get a taste of Cornwall
German Cornish pasties
Andreas Scholz is planning on opening another three shops
Cornish cuisine has forged a new link with Germany following the opening of a new shop in Berlin selling traditional pasties.

The Cornwall Pasty Co is the brainchild of German-born former investment banker, Andreas Scholz, and his wife, Conny.

They were so taken with pasties during a holiday in Cornwall they decided to approach Crantock Bakery about setting up their own shop in the Potsdamer Platz in the German capital, close to the Brandenburg Gate.

Andreas Scholz is planning on opening another three shops within the next few months.

His ambition is to set up a franchise operation that will hopefully lead to a further 50 shops eventually opening in Germany.

Experienced team

Herr Scholz said: "We came straight home and started investigating the potential market.

"We wanted to make sure the pasties for our shop were made in Cornwall, using traditional ingredients.

"We found that Nick Ringer and his staff at Crantock Bakery to be a very experienced team and the right people to help us set up."

Shop staff are also being given a head start, thanks to Crantock's master baker, Paul Jackson.

Pasty shop opening, Andreas Scholz and Sir Peter Torry
Andreas Scholz's shop was opened by the British Ambassador, Sir Peter Torry (right)
Paul is at the shop, which was opened by the British Ambassador, Sir Peter Torry, running a training programme to show staff how to make sure customers enjoy the perfect pasty.

Crantock's managing director, Nick Ringer, said: "It was amazing to see so many people queuing outside the shop before the opening, all waiting for their first taste of one of our pasties - and they just kept coming."

Sir Peter, who opened the shop last week, said: "I very much hope that those Germans who come to eat the Cornish pasties sold here will get the taste for them - and be encouraged to visit Cornwall."

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