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Last Updated: Sunday, 9 November, 2003, 16:53 GMT
Murder police search hedgerow
Carole and Graham Fisher
Carole and Graham Fisher: Shot dead after struggle
Police investigating the murder of a husband and wife at their isolated north Cornwall home have sealed off an area nearby.

A number of unspecified items found in a hedge at the Quarryman pub in Edmonton are being examined by experts.

Detectives say it is possible they could have come from the home of Carole and Graham Fisher.

The couple were badly beaten and then shot dead on Bonfire Night.

Mrs Fisher's body was found by a bus driver outside the Perch Garage petrol station on the A39 at about 0900 on Thursday.

Cash motive

Mrs Fisher, 53, was probably running for her life when she was killed, police said.

Mr Fisher, 60, was found shot dead in a hallway inside the bungalow.

Detective Superintendent Stuart Newberry, who is leading the hunt for the killers, said: "Both died of mass injuries. It's believed that a shotgun was used and they were shot a number of times.

Carol Fisher
Carol Fisher's body was discovered on a path beside the bungalow

"They had both also sustained a serious physical assault during the ordeal."

Detectives still do not have a motive, but several neighbours have said the couple kept a large amount of cash in their home.

The Fishers were last seen alive by a couple who had a business meeting with them at the petrol station which ended at about 1840 on Bonfire Night.

It appears they were about to eat an evening meal when they were killed.

The Fishers had owned the Perch Garage and car repair centre for about 20 years.

Officers are still searching the premises for weapons owned by Mr Fisher, who was a firearms holder.

Ordeal of murdered garage couple
08 Nov 03  |  Cornwall

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