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War poet's letters sold
Siegfried Sassoon
Siegfried Sassoon was awarded the Military Cross in 1916
A series of letters from a World War I poet have been sold to the Imperial War Museum.

Siegfried Sassoon's correspondence, along with a number of poems and books, fetched 24,000 at an auction in Cornwall.

The letters were sent by Sassoon to his friend and fellow soldier Vivian de Sola Pinto.

They were offered for sale at Mill House Auctions in Helston by de Pinto's grandson.

The 49 letters and six postcards chronicle a lifelong friendship which started in the trenches.

The letters have been bought by the Imperial War Museum in London for 7,000.

Trenches in World War One
The letters chronicle a friendship which began in the trenches
A book called Counter Attack, which includes the one-off handwritten poem "Idyll", was the single most expensive Sassoon item, selling for 4,000.

Other books and poems sold for more than 1,000 each.

Sassoon, who died in 1967, was born at Matfield in Kent.

At the outbreak of war he enlisted as a cavalry trooper in the Sussex Yeomanry before being transferred to the Royal Welch Fusiliers and became known as Mad Jack for his fearless courage on the Western Front.

He was determined to avenge the death of his brother, Hamo, at Galipoli and frequently volunteered for night raids.

He was awarded the Military Cross in 1916 for assisting a wounded man back to British lines while under fire.

Sassoon poem discovered
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