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Last Updated: Tuesday, 30 September, 2003, 17:24 GMT 18:24 UK
More councils may pay for airport
Newquay Airport
Restormel currently shares the cost with Cornwall County Council
Council tax payers from across Cornwall may soon be required to contribute towards the running costs at Newquay Airport.

Restormel Borough Council currently shares the cost with Cornwall County Council.

But other councils are now discussing making a contribution.

The airport is currently facing a cash crisis, and it is understood its total annual deficit could be as much as 500,000.

Concern over income

The leader of Restormel and Chair of the Joint Airport Committee, Joan Vincent, says everyone in the county reaps the benefit of the airport so they should pay their share.

"What I am very concerned about is that the cost is immense to Restormel, on a 12m budget," she said.

"The County Council has millions, it's a drop in the ocean to them, but even they are getting concerned that Air Southwest and Ryanair will not pay as much to come in as BA did."

British Airways flights from the airport to Gatwick will end next month.

Air Southwest is taking over the British Airways flights, but it says it cannot afford to pay the same landing fees.

Ryanair, which flies to Newquay twice daily, also pays a token landing fee.

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