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Last Updated: Wednesday, 9 July, 2003, 11:34 GMT 12:34 UK
Clay tip plan gets go-ahead
Imerys quarry
Imerys says the tip is vital for the future of the business
Residents of a Cornish village say they are angry that plans for a controversial china clay tip have been approved by planners.

Councillors approved china clay company Imerys' application for the tip on Wednesday morning, despite strong local opposition.

There was also confusion after the meeting when several planning committee members said they were not sure what they had voted for and asked for a re-vote.

But the chairman denied their request saying he had made the issue clear enough.

There will be a lot of dust and this dust isn't good for health
Brian Still, local resident

Concerns over Scarcewater Tip, near St Stephen, began in February last year when Imerys put forward plans to build a new waste facility.

Since then, there have been vociferous complaints by local people who claim the tip will damage their health.

But Imerys says the tip is vital to the future of the industry in Cornwall.

"We acknowledge that people don't like surface tipping," said Ivor Bowditch, a spokesman for Imerys.

"But in the longer term we will reduce surface tipping in the future, but in the short term we still desperately need it."

But residents in Terras and St Stephen fear large lorries will become a permanent sight on the roads near the villages.

Health concern

Brian Still, from the local residents' association, says he is also concerned about the effect of tipping on local people's health.

"They are going to tip every five or six minutes for 15 hours a day, 60 tonnes a time, there will be a lot of dust and this dust isn't good for health," said Mr Still.

Another resident, Barry Davey, says he believes that Imerys has managed its waste disposal badly over the years.

"If the company managed things properly and sorted their aggregates, sold them, stored them in the pits that are now dormant, for sale at a later date it would actually make work and create jobs," he said.

The BBC's David George
"Councillors complained they were not clear on what they were voting for..."

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