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Last Updated: Saturday, 28 June, 2003, 08:40 GMT 09:40 UK
Man injured by surf kite
Quinton Addicoat
Mr Addicoat and his wife walk their dogs on Long Rock beach every day
A Cornishman is recovering from injuries after being carried into the air and across a beach after he was tangled in a surf kite.

Quinton Addicoat, 60, broke a rib and needed hospital treatment.

The incident happened while Mr Addicoat and his wife Margaret were exercising their three dogs on Long Rock beach, near Penzance.

Mr Addicoat, who has a spinal condition and diabetes, became entangled in the parachute of a surf kite which blew across the beach, trapping him and then lifting him into the air.

The unruly few who don't stick to the British Kite Surfing Association guidelines do bring the sport a bad name
Ben Jones, Extreme Academy
"The next thing I knew I was inside one of these kites and I just got lifted up into the air," said Mr Addicoat.

"My wife reckons I was carried about 10-15 metres, I didn't know exactly what was happening.

"When it came down it dropped me on the sand rather heavily on the right-hand side, and I was pretty sure I did some damage to my ribs."

Mr Addicoat was taken to hospital and treated for a broken rib and bruising.

Kite surfing is growing in popularity and there is concern about this accident and other near misses.

A kitesurfer
Kite surfing is growing in popularity

In another case, a kite blew across a main road next to the beach.

"I personally have witnessed kites that have been in the air and had they come down would have come across the main highway," said John Tremelling, Penwith District Council's Beach Safety Officer.

"I think that's quite a serious issue."

But Mr Addicoat said he does not want the surfers banned but believes they should be restricted to an area away from walkers.

Ben Jones from Cornwall's Extreme Academy, where kite surfing is taught, said Mr Addicoat was "quite right" to call for tougher safety controls.

"It's down to the collective kite-surfing community to look after other beach users and other water users," said Mr Jones.

"The unruly few who don't stick to the British Kite Surfing Association guidelines do bring the sport a bad name."

The BBC's Eleanor Parkinson
"Quinton Addicoat still isn't well enough to walk his dogs on his favourite beach"

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