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Cracking the secret of crackling
Mr Waghorn's formula can also be found in the New Scientist
A disappointed diner in Cornwall reckons he has come up with a formula to make the perfect pork crackling.

Gastronome James Waghorn was fed up with the mediocre crackling he was served with pub roasts.

So the 43-year-old management consultant and self-confessed foodie set about coming up with a definitive crackling recipe.

After experimenting in the kitchen of his home at Cargreen he has come up with a complicated formula which, he believes, is the answer to making cracking crackling.

Wow, that's certainly involved
TV chef Phil Vickery
He said it all came to him "after a few gins and a warm bath".

"The principles are to do with making sure the skin is dry, then oiled; the right amount of salt is used; the slits are right through the fat and not too far apart, and good salt should be used," he said.

Mr Waghorn said he developed the formula in response to a number of recent disappointing pork roasts.

"I love eating out especially on a Sunday when I like to go for my favourite - pork roast with all the trimmings.

"I am repeatedly disappointed with the standard of crackling dished up.

"It's either too soft, too small or just non-existent," he said.

'Versatile food'

He loaned his formula to British Meat for British Pork Week, which runs all this week to 27 June.

When shown the formula TV chef Phil Vickery said: "Wow, that's certainly involved - I had never looked at it like that before.

"I don't agree that cooking crackling is that complicated though.

"Anyone can do it, as with most pork recipes as pork is such a versatile food," said the chef.

Cooks eager to try Mr Waghorn's formula themselves can find it in the New Scientist, or on the British Meat website.

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