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Last Updated: Monday, 23 June, 2003, 06:10 GMT 07:10 UK
Burial chamber for sale
barrow map
One of the biggest Bronze Age burial chambers in Cornwall has been put on the market for 150,000.

The barrow in West Penwith was built 4,000 years ago and was discovered two years ago by its owner, musician Nick Potter, who bought the land from relatives.

The barrow consists of two rings of stones. The largest is 11.5 metres in diameter and some of the bigger stones are up to 2m wide and 1.22m high.

Experts in archaeology say the site is steeped in ancient history and is considered of national importance for its landscape, wildlife and historic interest.

Steve Hartgroves, an archaeologist at Cornwall County Council, said the monument represented a site of "great archaeological significance".

However, treasure hunters will be disappointed as the barrow was raided many years ago.

The barrow, one of 2,500 in Cornwall, is being scheduled by English Heritage in a process similar to listing of houses.

That means no one can build on the site, which comes with four acres of moorland, or use the land for farming.

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