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Cambridgeshire will have 'most boring' election

Cambridgeshire could be the country's "most boring" election venue, a vote reform group has said.

The Electoral Reform Society said that the current voting system means the county's seven seats are "safe as houses" and will not change hands.

The Conservatives currently have six seats, with the Liberal Democrats holding Cambridge, and the society believes change is unlikely.

It has called for a "radical overhaul" of the voting system.

Dr Ken Ritchie, the chief executive of the Electoral Reform Society, said "this contest is already over" for people living in safe seats.

"Across the country we're seeing a tale of two elections - and two electorates. One that matters, and one that doesn't."

The society campaigns for proportional representation and the single transferable vote system, which would allow voters to rank candidates in order of preference.

Candidates so far announced in Cambridgeshire include:

• Cambridge: Conservative: Nick Hillman; Labour: Daniel Zeicher; Lib Dem: Julian Huppert; Green: Tony Juniper; Trade Unionist and Socialist coalition: Martin Booth; UK Independence Party: Peter Burkinshaw

• Huntingdon: Labour: Anthea Cox; Conservative: Jonathon Djanogly: Lib Dem: Martin Land; Green: John Clare; Monster Raving Looney Party: Lord Toby Jug; UK Independence Party: Ian Curtis

• Peterborough: Conservative: Stewart Jackson; Labour: Ed Murphy; Lib Dem: Nick Sandford; English Democrats: Rob King; UK Independence Party: Frances Fox; Green: Fiona Radic; BNP: Dave Strickson

• North East Cambridgeshire: Conservative: Steve Barclay; Labour: Peter Roberts; Lib Dem: Lorna Spenceley; UK Independence Party: Robin Talbot; BNP: Susan Clapp

• North West Cambridgeshire: Conservative: Shailesh Vara; Labour: Chris York; Lib Dem: Kevin Wilkins; English Democrats: Stephen Goldspink; UK Independence Party: Robert Brown

• South Cambridgeshire: Conservative: Andrew Lansley; Labour: Tariq Sadiq; Lib Dem: Sebastian Kindersley; Green: Simon Saggers; UK Independence Party: Helene Davis-Green

• South East Cambridgeshire: Conservative: James Paice; Labour: John Cowan; Liberal Democrat: Johnathon Chatfield; UK Independence Party: Andy Monk; Green: Simon Sedgewick.

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