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Darwin statue unveiled at college

The unveiling of the statue at Christ's College, Cambridge
The statue was unveiled by the Duke of Edinburgh in Cambridge

The great-great-granddaughter of scientist Charles Darwin has attended the unveiling of a statue of the naturalist in Cambridge.

Sarah Darwin, 44, watched the unveiling of the bronze sculpture by the Duke of Edinburgh at Christ's College where Darwin had been a student.

Sculptor Anthony Smith has created an image of Darwin as a student at the college in the 1830s.

The statue sits on a bench with a book in his hand near the main gates.

'Family resemblance'

Ms Darwin, who lives in London and is also a botanist, said: "I think it's fantastic. Like everyone else I tend to think of Darwin as an old man with a beard because that is the popular image.

"To see a statue showing him as he would have looked when he was a student is fantastic.

"I think there is a family resemblance - although I don't think he necessarily looked like me.

"We're having a family get-together soon and I know that the resemblance will be a topic of conversation."

The statue sits opposite the rooms Darwin occupied when he studied at Christ's.

Crowds of 21st Century Christ's students gathered to watch the Duke pull away a red cloth to reveal the bronze sculpture.

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It's the Duke's first public appearance since hurting his back

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