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Last Updated: Wednesday, 26 March 2008, 11:42 GMT
Mystery of 'holy' water's source
Reg Kemp, property steward of Trinity Church
Mystery still surrounds the source of the water
Hundreds of gallons of water are rising from the cellar of a church in Cambridgeshire each day.

Mystery still surrounds the source of the water coming up from underneath the Trinity Church in March, at a rate of about 10 gallons (45 litres) an hour.

Reg Kemp, property steward of Trinity, hopes the water can be bottled and become an attraction for the church.

Anglian Water have taken a sample and are awaiting results to see if it is natural water or from a mains pipe.

Mr Kemp said: "We suddenly discovered this water coming in. We think it might be from a spring, or an old well.

"We are pumping out more than 200 gallons a day and it would be nice to think we might be able to bottle it or do something with it."

A spokesman for Anglian Water told the BBC: "We have taken a sample of water from the church and are now awaiting the results.

"If it contains chlorine it is from the mains pipe if it doesn't then it's from a natural source like a spring or well."

The results will come back later this week.

Asked whether last month's earth tremor may have activated a spring, the spokesman said: "If you have a natural water source and suddenly a crack presents itself, then water will come out."

More than 200 gallons a day is being pumped out

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