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Wild side makes parrot speechless

African grey parrot
Harley is an African grey parrot like this one

A parrot who never stopped chattering lost his voice after four days' freedom in the wilds of Cambridgeshire.

Harley, an African Grey, used to call his owners "Mum" and "Dad", could recite his telephone number and was never lost for words.

But after four days in the wild he appears to have lost his tongue and has returned traumatised, skinny and mute.

Owner Cedric Tunnel, 66, of Littleport, said: "Wild birds bully him and won't let him get to any food."

Found on BMW

Harley, eight, made a bid for freedom by flying through an open door.

"Harley was perched on my back but I'd forgotten he was there," said Mr Tunnel. "When I opened a door to a guest he flew off."

Mr Tunnel scoured the local area looking for Harley with his wife Margaret, 65. The pair put up lost posters showing their beloved bird in a bid to track him down.

Their hard work was rewarded when Harley was finally found perched on a BMW.

The car's owner recognised Harley from the posters and alerted the couple.

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