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Last Updated: Wednesday, 16 January 2008, 18:22 GMT
Extra 1m for congestion solution
An artist's impression of the Cambridgeshire guided busway
New busways could be introduced to ease congestion
An extra 1m made available by government will be used to study congestion in and around Cambridge.

The Department for Transport gave the money to Cambridgeshire County Council which is compiling plans to deal with the growing problem.

Current plans include segregated busways and special lanes going into the city, expansions to Park & Ride sites and more frequent bus services.

Another idea is a congestion charge of between 3 and 5 for the morning peak.

Locals are being consulted on the proposals.

Roy Pegram, deputy council leader said: "This money will help us carry out further investigations into the best ways of tackling the growing problem of congestion in Cambridge.

"In light of what people have told us during the consultation we are already reviewing our proposals and once the consultation is complete we will consider the results and amend our scheme to take account of their views."

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