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Woman spared prison over stabbing
A woman who stabbed her boyfriend after he posted photographs of himself on the web posing with other women has been spared a prison sentence.

Emma Miller, 22, of Tomlinson Court, Huntingdon, found the photos on Alexis Rhodes' website on Valentine's night.

Miller pleaded guilty to wounding Mr Rhodes, 25, with a 9in knife outside his home in Ross Street, Cambridge.

She received a nine month sentence, suspended for 18 months, at Cambridge Crown Court.

Sara Walker, prosecuting, said the couple had been seeing each other for four years and frequently argued.

Valentine's day

The relationship had ended in January 2007 but they had kept in touch.

On 14 February they spent the night together at a hotel in Cambridge to celebrate Valentine's day and Mr Rhodes walked her home the next morning.

"He thought that everything was fine," said Ms Walker.

But the court heard that the following day one of Miller's friends found some pictures of him with other women on his profile page on an internet site.

I would see no sensible purpose or any sensible outcome should I send her to prison
Judge Gareth Hawkesworth

After seeing the pictures on the web, Miller visited Mr Rhodes' home, telling him she was bringing a special gift.

When he answered the door she plunged a knife into his side.

Mark Shelley, mitigating, said: "She is an emotionally insecure and immature woman. She has highs when she is really bouncy she is a really popular person."

Mr Rhodes, who bombarded Miller with text messages after the attack, pleaded with Judge Gareth Hawkesworth not to send his on/off girlfriend to prison.

Handing down sentence Judge Hawkesworth said: "I would see no sensible purpose or any sensible outcome should I send her to prison."

He gave Miller a nine month suspended sentence, a supervision requirement for 18 months and ordered her to have a programme of therapy or counselling.

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